What’s with all these updates? Just when I’m in a hurry and trying to get something done, my computer goes to lunch… It’s driving me nuts. Sometimes the PC slows and some things just don’t work, like printing. Or, the PC demands to be booted…uh, restarted. This seems to happen once a month or more, especially with Windows 10. What should I do?

With Windows 10, Microsoft is supplying the PC ‘Operating System’ software as ‘service’. Probably, for a lot of good reasons… primarily for Microsoft. The ‘over-the-Internet’ updates are mostly driven by the need to apply security ‘patches’ to vulnerable software, as new hacks evolve. Other changes, including useful improvements and minor fixes, come along for the ride in the updates.

The universal deployment of high speed Internet services has made this update flurry possible.  Are developers writing ‘green-ware’ and letting users find and report the bugs? Very likely. Then developers fix the bugs, broad-scale, via the Internet. It’s probably very cost effective. This ‘Internet-patching-method’ is cheaper than thoroughly testing and/or having to send out update CD’s or DVD’s.

In the update process, I’ve recognized three major stages: 1. Download and pre-work, 2. Installation, 3. Post-installation cleanup. All three stages can have a negative impact on PC performance.

Please note: In Windows 10, you cannot shutoff updates. Even large, corporate server customers can only delay them (for prep and testing purposes).

What can you do about these update woes? Sorry to say, mostly nothing. The updates should happen at night (leave your PC on).  But, if not, I suggest the following:

  1. Be patient, let the update finish the job…it’s automated!
  2. If the PC hangs, try to Restart (button on the screen).
  3. If it won’t restart, try again, a couple of times. If it still won’t restart, press and hold the power button (on the case) in until the power dies. Release the power button. Then press and release the power button, again, to turn on the PC.
  4. Try steps 1 through 3, again. If that doesn’t do it, call for help.

When the PC does restart, it will still be busy for a while. It’s doing the ‘post-installation’ cleanup. So again, be patient. Things will return to normal.

However, as my 5-year-old, grandson told me: “Papa, I don’t do patience”.

Updates are here to stay.

So it goes.